At Evolution Co, we provide the following services:

      1. Custom Web Design & Redesign Service

                     2. Web Site Maintenance

3. Web Hosting
4. Domain Names
5. Marketing Service


Simple Search Engine Submission
B Advanced Search Engine Submission
C Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
D Search Engine Inclusion/Submission/Positioning
6. Banner Design Service
7. Set Up Service
8. Additional Services


We aim to ensure our clients receive the best possible care and we provide free e-mail support 24x7x365 days a year, telephone support from 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday.


1. Custom Web Design & Redesign Service

Our custom web design service allow us to create a new web site for your company or if you think your current web site looks old we can also redesign it to have a new modern and attractive design which reflects your company’s corporate identity.

Throughout the whole process we will communicate with you regularly over the telephone or via email, in order to provide you with full creative control to ensure every aspect is tailored exactly to your requirements.

An example of our redesign service includes:

Before Redesign 


After Redesign

Note: To view the full web site for this example visit

Prices from: £250

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2. Web Site Maintenance

Content is one of the most important aspects of a web site, without it web pages would be meaningless. This is why it is important to keep your web site up-to-date not only for your client but for search engines as well.

Our web site maintenance service allows you to ensure your web site is kept constantly up-to-date and allows us to change your prices, update information, add/change images, page layouts and add new products or services.                            

Price: £25.00 Per Page

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3. Web Hosting

Our web hosting plans provide web space, monthly bandwidth, sub domains a long with a wide range of features for e-mail, scripting, security and 99.9% Connectivity.

Package Features

Standard Business User

Medium Business User

Advanced Business User

Plan Features




Web Space

500 MB

1000 MB

2000 MB

Monthly Bandwidth

5 GB

10 GB

20 GB

FTP Access Accounts




MySQL Databases




Sub Domains








E-mail Features




POP3 E-mail Accounts




Spam Filters




Announcement Lists












Catch All E-mail





Scripting Features










Security Features




Password Protection

Regular Backups





Support Service (via)






Instant Messenger

Yearly Price




All our plans feature support, via e-mail and telephone

Don't know which to choose? E-mail us at, we will then asses your company's requirements in relation to your design specification. We will then send you an honest evaluation of the most suitable hosting plan appropriate to your company's requirements.

Note: There are no hidden set up fees

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4. Domain Names

Once you have chosen your web hosting plan, you will need to order a domain name(s) where your web site will be located.

To check if your domain name is available Click Here

Domain Name Extension


Price Per Year



Price Per 2 Years



Note: UK domain names may only be registered for a minimum time of 2 years and .com/.net/.biz domain names may only be registered for a minimum of 1 year. All domain names may be registered for a maximum of 5 years.

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5. Marketing Services

Once you have a web site online to act as your company’s presence, the next step involves building traffic for the web site which can be via online and offline methods. The online methods include free search engine submission, paid monthly submissions, pay per click (PPC) campaigns, submission to online directories, banner advertisements. The offline methods include offline printed adverts, business cards, branded stationary (e.g. pens, rulers, mugs), and Word of Mouth (WOM).

Note: PPC methods are only effective with a budget over £200

At Evolution Co, we provide the following marketing services:

A. Simple Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission is the process of getting your web site listed in search engines. By using our free simple search engine submission service we will submit your web site address to the top 10 search engines including Google, MSN and Yahoo. However this will not guarantee that your web site will rank well, it will simply make search engines aware your web site and its web pages exist and therefore provides the chance to get listed in search engines.

Please Note: This free service will only manually submit your web site to the top 10 search engines once. This may not be enough to guarantee any worthwhile traffic because search engines may drop your listings if people do not click them.

Price: Free [with all web design and domain name orders]

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B. Advanced Search Engine Submission

Evolution Co has teamed up with Bpath, a leading provider of Internet Solutions to small and medium-sized businesses to bring the HyperSubmit and HyperTraffic to our clients.

HyperSubmit will make sure your company's web site is submitted to hundreds of search engines each month for a full year. This will ensure that search engines do not drop your listings and help to achieve the full potential of your online business.

Prices from £19.95

HyperTraffic runs the world's largest international ad network, reaching over 20% of internet users worldwide. We will utilize our ad network to drive a steady flow of fresh prospects to your web site, each and every day

It provide a steady flow of targeted visitors to your web site

Prices from £93 per month 

For more information Click Here  

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C. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of editing web sites in order to improve its ranking in search engines .By using our SEO service we can help to improve your web site's ranking search engines in order to improve how it interacts with the search engines in order for your target audience to find you.

This is a very long process and does not provide instant results but it will help to gradually improve your web site's ranking in search engines in the long term in order to generate more traffic in the form of unique visitors.

For more information please contact us

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D. Search Engine Placement/Inclusion/Positioning

Search Engine Placement/Inclusion/Positioning is the process of paying a large amount to a search engine in order to guarantee that the web site will be listed within around a week rather than 2-4 weeks. Payment is paid directly to the search engine. If you are interested in this service provided my some search engines please contact us and we will assist you during this process.

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6. Banner Design Service

Banners come in all shapes and sizes which are clicked on by people who are taken to your web site once they are put in the right places. For example on directories related to your company’s industry or any other web site.

Evolution Co has teamed up with to provide custom made banners that advertise your web site at reasonable prices starting from £10. The banners can feature text, images, descriptions, key words related to your company’s web site.

All banners are designed and e-mail to the client within 72 hours. To order a banner or view previous banner projects visit

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Free Set Up Service

Once you have chosen your hosting plan and domain name, please contact us and we will set up your account within 24 hours. We will then set up everything, including DNS management, hosting account set up and web site set up.

Note: Our set up service is free and there are no hidden fees

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Additional Services



Flash Introduction/Animation

From £50.00

Logo Design

From £40.00

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